FEEDZONE: Roasting the UCI – Because, why not?

Welcome to the FEEDZONE, a break from normal racing coverage. We are heading into one of the most exciting weekends of the year for professional cycling, the UCI world championships where we will learn who gets to wear the coveted rainbow jersey in their respective discipline next year on their sleeves forever. BUT, let’s not be so quick to forget all the drama and frustrations caused by the UCI in general, and most recently at this years Tour de France. So let’s have some fun and roast the UCI!

Here are some of the key stats of the penalties levied at the tour by the UCI:

86 total penalties worth over $32,000, two minutes of time, 62 points, 3 KOM points, 1 relegation to the back of the peloton and the ejection of one sports director.

The most popular fines were litering (28 times), stick bitons (28 times), improper fueling (8 times).

Jumbo Visma topped the list with 10 penalties for a total of 8,500 Swiss Francs.

Stage 18 accumulated the most penalties with 10, 8 of which were sticky bitons (no suprise on the hardest climbing day of the tour).

Only 3 stages (1, 14, 21) were without penalty and just two teams escaped without penalty, Lotto Soudal and Trek Segafredo.

Listen as we break down the most egregious and impactful penalties from this years Tour de France!

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